Artistic objets and adorned clothing for women, eco-conscious handmade

Find in this shop all my eco-conscious creations for Sprayfun, uniques or in limited editions, hand made in my studio in Saint-Malo, France.

I am Claire, the maker behind Sprayfun, I create poetic objects and adorned garments for everyday. Both my work and technique are inspired by nature, Indigenous and street art.

Based in Saint-Malo, France, Sprayfun is dedicated to working locally, sourcing materials from the region. I live a “zero-waste” lifestyle and incorporate these ideals into the studio.
I finished my studies at the design school, Duperré, in Paris in 2007. I then moved to Antwerp to study under Walter Van Bierendonck at The Royal Fashion Academy of Fine Arts where I graduated in 2011. During my studies there, I mastered the technique which inspired Sprayfun and gave it it’s name, using a spray gun to airbrush paint on paper, wood and fabric.

All raw material is natural, local sourced and/or up cycled. The textile paint is water based and eco-friendly, classified Oeko tex standard 1 : PVC, Phtalates, toxic chemicals, solvent and heavy metals free.

Enjoy your visit!

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